B-SmartAware Alcohol Research


We have developed an Android app which allows a researcher to send interactive messages to its users in real-time. It enables the users to self-report activities and other kinds of information. Users can give feedback (text and voice) on the messages sent to them. Messages could contain pictures, graphs, etc. They can show how much progress a user is achieving towards achieving a goal like “reducing consumption by 20% this week in comparison to the previous week”.  Other techniques of Gamification and Persuasive Technology are being added towards making users aware of their own performance and learning.

The app, B-SmartAware  is ready now to install from Google Play: If you are a researcher interested in the full description and using the app and its research platform and toolkit, please email me. You will be given a user name an password. Then you can generate codes to be given to your participants so they can access the app. You can then use our web platform to issues interactive messages to the participants and get their feedback about them. The participants can also self-report in the way and time they like. The app allows also monitoring the location, with user consent of course, and this can be also used to track whether the user is in a specific location known to be for alcohol consumption.

The original version of the app was about smart phone usage but can be adapted easily to the nuances and peculiarities of alcohol domain. The messaging and feedback parts are uniform.

Snapshots from the App for the Smart Phone usage domain and its Web interfaces are below. Please note the app is being constantly improved and augmented and the screenshots are just to give an indication.