I am currently working with a team of PhD research students on different areas within the thematic area of Engineering of Social Informatics. The team includes:

Aarif Alutaybi:  Eliciting and Specifying Expectations in Cyber Social Interaction to Reduce Fear of Missing Out

Sainabou Cham:  Engineering Deviation Countermeasures for Online Goal Setting

Abdullah Algashami: Engineering Transparency of Digital Motivation in Enterprises

Manal Aldhayan: Engineering Online Surveillance as a Countermeasure for Addictive Online Behavior

Completed PhD 

Amen Alrobai: Engineering Social Informatics to Combat Digital Addiction: The Case of Online Peer Groups. Sep 2017

Alimohammad Shahri: Engineering Motivation Requirements in Business Information Systems. Sep 2017

Nada Sherief : A Framework for Modelling and Utilization of Users’ Feedback for Software Systems Evolution. Sep 2017

Abdelrahman Alnaqbi: Management and Design of Persuasive Smart Services: the Case of United Arab Emirates. May 2017

Mahmood Hosseini: Engineering Transparency Requirements in Business Information Systems. Oct 2016

Malik AlMaliki: A Method for Developing Adaptive Software-based Feedback Acquisition. Dec 2015