I am currently working with a team of PhD research students on different areas within the thematic area of Engineering of Social Informatics. The team includes:

Aarif Alutaybi:  Eliciting and Specifying Cyber Expectation to Reduce Fear of Missing Out

Sainabou Cham:  Eliciting and Specifying Software-assisted Behavior Change Goals

Abdullah Algashami: Engineering Risks Mitigation for Digital Motivation in Enterprises

Manal Aldhayan: Engineering Online Surveillance as a Countermeasure for Addictive Online Behavior

Completed PhD 

Amen AlrobaiEngineering Social Networking to Combat Digital Addiction: The Case of Online Peer Groups. Sep 2017

Alimohammad ShahriEngineering Motivation Requirements in Business Information Systems. Sep 2017

Nada SheriefA Framework for Modelling and Utilization of Users’ Feedback for Software Systems Evolution. Sep 2017

Abdelrahman AlnaqbiManagement and Design of Persuasive Smart Services: the Case of United Arab Emirates. May 2017

Mahmood Hosseini: Engineering Transparency Requirements in Business Information Systems. Oct 2016

Malik AlMaliki: A Method for Developing Adaptive Software-based Feedback Acquisition. Dec 2015